Here we are in 2022! Best wishes to all. May 2022 bring you joy, happiness, pleasure, unlimited music... but also health !

"Voyager" has fallen behind but I'm not complaining. If things happened this way, there is a reason (or reasons…) !

And in fact... I thought I had finished the album during the summer, it turns out that 3 months later, I was composing a new piece and, after several listenings, I realized that the mastering as well as the image stereo did not suit me.

I finally finished the mastering in December, 2 years after the beginning of the creation of this disc, and I am very happy and proud of the result. At the same time, Xavier sent me the cover… And I must say that I got a hell of a slap, I was so amazed by the result. The album will finally be released on April 15 (Julie's birthday...) and the 1st extract will be available in February. 

Meanwhile, on January 15, Xavier released his new single "Lucky Boy" on which I participated as an arranger and programmer. I also took care of the mixing and mastering, like his previous singles and the soundtrack of the movie "Summer" which he will be releasing very soon. 

For this single, he quickly found himself in the Spotify playlist "Radar of releases" to be streamed more than 16,000 times in 24 hours! As I like to say, that's what I call starting the year strong... And the rest is coming ;-)