It's already been a week since the 1st single of « Voyager » was released. The feedback from independent media has been overwhelmingly positive, but many of them are unsure which category to classify « The Passenger ». Is it Disco ? Is it Synthwave ? Electro dance ? Or just EDM ?

Here is what I answer them: it is a mixture of all that. 

I was inspired by Giorgio Moroder for bass and drums, Daft Punk for several sounds, Jean-Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder for synths. And then, Xavier arrived with his « French Touch » to take this piece into a fourth dimension, that of timeless travel. Was it my intention that this piece be difficult to identify ? Yes ! Just like the rest of the album.

"Voyager" is an album that highlights my influences, which touched me, inspired me and made me want to do electronic music.

For years, I searched for my sonic identity and listened to the advice I was given "Do this, it's all the rage right now!" or "If you want to break through, you have to be inspired by what he does, it will open doors for you". 

In reality, my identity was inked in me but I only really understood it in 2019 during the preparation of "Contemplation Of Memories". The sequel is coming and for the second time, I am proud and happy to present something that looks like me, that I fully assume and that I will not regret in 10 years. Thanks to the Universe but also to Xavier for that…