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My new single, the first of this year 2023 and of a long series planned 

for this year, is available on all streaming and download platforms.

« Falling In Love » is a subtle blend of blues and electro sound,

all accompanied by the guitars of Pierre Buchoux, guitarist and member of The Past Travellers. He is also co-composer of this new track.

I started this track in June 2019, when I was preparing my 1st EP. I often listened to « Katchi » by Ofenbach to make an arrangement for the orchestra. And when I understood the strength of this title, I wanted to do the same thing but in my own way.

I had put it aside in order to devote myself more on the other titles then I started to work on new pieces which finally composed « Voyager ».

It wasn't until late summer 2022 that I started working on it again and did all the final mixing and mastering.

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